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Welcome to the digital era of biology (and to this modest blog I started in early 2005).

To cure many diseases, like cancer or cystic fibrosis, we will need to target genes (mutations, for ex.), not organs! I am convinced that the future of replacement medicine (organ transplant) is genomics (the science of the human genome). In 10 years we will be replacing (modifying) genes; not organs!

Anticipating the $100 genome era and the P4™ medicine revolution. P4 Medicine (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, & Participatory): Catalyzing a Revolution from Reactive to Proactive Medicine.

After low-cost airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet ...) comes "low-cost" participatory medicine. Some of my readers have recently christened this long-lasting, clumsy attempt at e-writing of mine "THE LOW-COSTE INNOVATION BLOG". My name's Catherine Coste. I've earned myself two MIT digital diplomas: 7.00x and 7QBWx. Instructor: Eric Lander PhD.

My motto: Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Where You Are Tolerated.

I love Genomics. Would you rather donate your data, or... your vital organs?

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Appel à témoignage - Please share your experience - Teilen Sie Ihre Erfahrungen mit ! Don d'organes - Organ Donation - Organspende :

Appel à témoignage : lettre ouverte aux proches confrontés à la question du don d'organes (lire)

Please share your experience : letter to the attention of next-of-kin of donor-eligible individuals (read)

Im Krankenhaus oder in der Klinik wurden Sie nach dem mutmasslichen Willen Ihres Verwandten gefragt : ob er oder sie sich für Organspende ausgesprochen habe. Bitte teilen Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit ! (lesen)

Avertissement :

Merci de ne PAS poster de messages concernant la vente d'un organe et comportant des coordonnées téléphoniques, e-mail, etc. La loi française interdit la vente d'organes.



I'm a literature geek. My pseudo is LiteraGeek. I'm a MOOC- & bookworm. Seeking complementarity, I love working with computer programming geeks. Interested in musicals and genomics. Working on merging both -> genomic entertainment.


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We are a software (our DNA) making its own hardware (proteins, cells). Technologic.

"'Buy It?!?' Wait. You guys wanna patent genes? But we cannot invent around living material... A gene is not a molecule, for some kind of drug. Plus, Vanessa, we are just getting started with that cool gene editing tool, CRISPR Castor... Writing or rewriting genes is not as easy as you think it is... I mean, it's more difficult to write genes than to read them... You should be careful with that gene writing thing, that CRISPR the platypus..."
"- It's not Vanessa; it's Ferbnessa, dad. It's not a platypus, it's a castor. Now, can you leave us alone? ... Dad? Dad??! Are you... errrr... 'dancing'? Sigh. OK, Ferb. One more time, *without* my dad..."