Scientific MOOCs follower. Author of Airpocalypse, a techno-medical thriller (Out Summer 2017)

Welcome to the digital era of biology (and to this modest blog I started in early 2005).

To cure many diseases, like cancer or cystic fibrosis, we will need to target genes (mutations, for ex.), not organs! I am convinced that the future of replacement medicine (organ transplant) is genomics (the science of the human genome). In 10 years we will be replacing (modifying) genes; not organs!

Anticipating the $100 genome era and the P4™ medicine revolution. P4 Medicine (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, & Participatory): Catalyzing a Revolution from Reactive to Proactive Medicine.

I am an early adopter of scientific MOOCs. I've earned myself four MIT digital diplomas: 7.00x, 7.28x1, 7.28.x2 and 7QBWx. Instructor of 7.00x: Eric Lander PhD.

Upcoming books: Airpocalypse, a medical thriller (action taking place in Beijing) 2017; Jesus CRISPR Superstar, a sci-fi -- French title: La Passion du CRISPR (2018).

I love Genomics. Would you rather donate your data, or... your vital organs? Imagine all the people sharing their data...

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Mega and Bitcoin: meet Digital Switzerland

"Mega" clients (Kim Dotcom, offering file-locker service with limited government regulation) will pay with bitcoins: digital money, Swiss Banking Regulation (SBR) instead of FBI... Digital payment combined with upload services... both are no longer subject to (hopefully) any government regulation... Digital freedom for "citizens without governments" (citizens freeing themselves from lobbies-biaised governments, that is)... Governments for the people, by the people. Forget it. Government now means: governed by lobbies' financial interests... People got sick of it...

Here, in Wellington (pic: Moana Lodge, Plimmerton, New Zealand), you can see James Cameron: he's just moved here for the shooting of Avatar 2 to 4 in NZ... He'd like to hire loads of Chinese actors, but... loads of cultural obstacles need to be overcome first: language is only one, and not the biggest... New Zealanders are cool and minimal fuss. They don't like big crowds, noise, (financial) hype and show-off... Chinese people, on the contrary... New-Zealand is a small-town-country, really...having awesome landscapes... It's not a huge society, unlike China... Maybe Cameron should hire ("curry") Indians instead? And how about Native Americans? "Feather" Indians do have some cool war dances ;-)

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