Scientific MOOCs follower. Author of Airpocalypse, a techno-medical thriller (Out Summer 2017)

Welcome to the digital era of biology (and to this modest blog I started in early 2005).

To cure many diseases, like cancer or cystic fibrosis, we will need to target genes (mutations, for ex.), not organs! I am convinced that the future of replacement medicine (organ transplant) is genomics (the science of the human genome). In 10 years we will be replacing (modifying) genes; not organs!

Anticipating the $100 genome era and the P4™ medicine revolution. P4 Medicine (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, & Participatory): Catalyzing a Revolution from Reactive to Proactive Medicine.

I am an early adopter of scientific MOOCs. I've earned myself four MIT digital diplomas: 7.00x, 7.28x1, 7.28.x2 and 7QBWx. Instructor of 7.00x: Eric Lander PhD.

Upcoming books: Airpocalypse, a medical thriller (action taking place in Beijing) 2017; Jesus CRISPR Superstar, a sci-fi -- French title: La Passion du CRISPR (2018).

I love Genomics. Would you rather donate your data, or... your vital organs? Imagine all the people sharing their data...

Audio files on this blog are Windows files ; if you have a Mac, you might want to use VLC ( to read them.

Concernant les fichiers son ou audio (audio files) sur ce blog : ce sont des fichiers Windows ; pour les lire sur Mac, il faut les ouvrir avec VLC (

InDeskSolutions India Looking For Partnership With Microsoft Health Vault and Hospitals-clinics-patients

Digital Hospital India
IT engineers in India looking for business partnership with Microsoft Health vault services and Indian clinics and Hospitals (and patients)...

Interesting Facebook conversation with Vishal Panchal, an IT engineer in India (works in Ahmedabad, the largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Gujarat, population of 6 million!!)
Vishal says: "We have very good expertise development team for both Web and Mobile platform.
We want to explore our expertise in Healthcare domain, with the help of Microsoft Health vault services; we would love to do strategic business partnership. We are looking to implement MS health vault in Indian hospitals (and clinics) and share data with patients. Let me know how we can move forward, even if someone wants to start with R&D. I'll be attending Hydrabad, 4th International conference in India" 

I won't attend, but I can pass the info along, since you'll be attending this congress, we can arrange for you to meet with specific people there...  In California there's lots of stuff that is being developed and implemented, like Health data tricorders, various Apple digital products, but it remains quite expensive... I wonder if the patient will be central in this process... Probably not all of the patients... but a small elite group, to start with... I think Vishal should seek partnerships in Genomics in Singapore. Things are moving very quickly there, and Genomics is made of 95% probability-statistics (computer and IT) and 5% biology... Biotech advances fuel demand for genomics software (read here).  

"The Genome Institute of Singapore is a unique place for scientific discovery. We believe that a future in biology lies in the fusion of highly comprehensive and massively parallel genomic and computational approaches with cell and medical biology. Therefore, we seek the integration of technology and biology towards answering questions of medical importance." Genome Institute of Singapore. 

Vishal answers: "Sounds good, and Singapore is about 5 hours flight from here... hope something will work out..." 

You might be wondering who I am and what I do. 

1) a digital health zealot, lobbyist and included in Eric Topol MD's network -  the author of "The Creative Destruction of Medicine", a book you might have heard of, and Topol is aslo a cardiologist, chief editor of Medscape genomics. So if you have a partnership request of some kind, let me know and I'll pass the info along, 'cause I love interacting with digital healthcare actors worldwide. 
2) a fiction writer, interested in facts about digital healthcare network in India (and system D economy, low-cost minimally invasive surgery etc). 

My FB Fan page: 

Now, I know Bangladesh is not India, but this fiction is also a lot about India ... and 3D printed medicine (biohackers and others printing pills)... By the way UK researchers say 3D printing could create better pills (read here). Good news for India and Bangladesh! Bad news for "Big Pharma"?

Vishal says: "Let me know if you want to have your book in Mobile domain for iOS". I must say I'm not quite familiar with digital books for iPhones... but I'm familiar with other forms of digital self-publishing ( "1.0" edition is a broken system anyway... So I guess digital publishing wins (for tablets and smartphones and e-readers and eBooks)...

Brain Death and The Death Under False Pretenses Theory

(French) Dogs and the Twitter Non-Avoidance Theory

If some people are not Internet minded, at least I am... Launching Canine Pow Wow on Weibo from my living room in Villiers-Le-Mahieu (small French village in the middle of nowhere...), and requesting a sequencing of my genome (it is forbidden by French law for humans, but that damn law says nothing about cats'n dogs...)

French Surgeons and the Twitter Avoidance Theory

Why Genomics? Why 3D bioprinting? La génomique et l'impression 3D d'organes, cela sert à quoi ?

Woman. Hubots. Office. Computers.

The coming big inequality. Was Marx just early?

The Ugly Truth About Proton Pump Inhibitor ‪#‎PigPharma‬


En France on "meurt comme un chien" (comme dans les romans de Kafka) : voir le parfaitement sinistre blog ... d'un condamné (par la médecine 1.0) :


Quelques commentaires recueillis sur Facebook ce 28/07/2013 :
  • André Roulleaux Dugage A sa place, je rentrerais mourir chez moi.
  • Catherine Coste mais bon y a pas qu'en France... la fin de vie, voilà un domaine qui aurait besoin d'un "reboot" aussi... tout comme la médecine 1.0. La fin de vie est d'ailleurs l'aboutissement de la médecine 1.0. Ce blog est la cerise sur le gâteau de la médecine 1.0 (celle qui ne passera pas par moi)...
  • André Roulleaux Dugage Je garde ce blog. C'est triste de mourir ainsi.
  • Coutin Christophe 
    lu son blog, je suis sans voix .
  • Catherine Coste mourir à l'hôpital, c'est ça. En 2013, et malgré la loi Léonetti. Nos politiques ne servent à rien, ni nos ministres. N'est-ce pas M'sieur Jean Michel Billaut?
  • Catherine Coste A quoi a servi la commission Jean Leonetti, grassement payée je suppose, pour modifier la "loi sur la fin de vie" (changement des lois bioéthiques en 2011, sous Sarkozy, un projet qui a traîné durant plusieurs années et qui a coûté une blinde)... "On meurt mal en France", disait Jean Leonetti en 2005. Ben c'est toujours le cas, mais entre temps le chômage a augmenté et les ministres et autres politiques coûtent encore plus cher ... Non seulement j'irai mourir chez moi, mais je quitte ce pays tant que je suis en vie ... La France, gérontocratie décrépite. Ben oui, la preuve ...
  • Catherine Coste Qui mettra les politiques 1.0 au musée des erreurs de l'histoire ? Le futur ? dans combien de temps ? 1.000 ans ? 

Long lived people and the genetic lottery theory

Want to live to past the age of 110? "The only way... is if you've won the genetic lottery at birth"

What have Supercentenarians to do with genomics?

American Surveillance And The Totalitarian Chocolate Theory

Holli McCann was sent home from a school trip for eating chocolate (Picture: Masons)
La surveillance de tous à chaque instant instaure un État totalitaire. Enfreindre les règles de temps à autre sans nuire à autrui n'est désormais possible que si personne n'en a connaissance. Si l’État vous surveille, il est obligé d'agir ... et là c'est la spirale infernale ... Cette gamine de colo anglaise s'est faite expulser car on a trouvé sur elle une substance illicite consommée avec des copines la nuit. En plus elle s'en vantait dans un courrier à ses parents (ledit courrier a été ouvert par le directeur du centre de colo qui a remonté les bretelles des monos : "Comment vous dormiez et vous n'avez rien vu ? Vous ne faites pas votre boulot !"). Mis au courant dudit courrier (alors que la consommation de substance illicite n'avait nui à personne et n'avait pas causé d'incident) les responsables de la colo se devaient d'agir : appeler les parents pour qu'ils viennent chercher d'urgence leur fille expulsée ... La substance illicite ? Une tablette de chocolat. Le gouvernement américain nous espionne, et alors ? Ils ont autre chose à faire que de surveiller nos petits destins et menus gestes et faits quotidiens. Sauf que quand ils sont au courant, ils ne peuvent pas fermer les yeux (cela pourrait leur occasionner un procès) et là on rentre dans la spirale infernale ... Gamine expulsée de colo pour une tablette de chocolat... avec saccage de ses affaires personnelles à la clé (pour cause de fouille) ...
A girl of 11 was booted off a school trip to the Isle of Wight – after being caught tucking into a chocolate snack.

L'Agence du tourisme biomédical : le crowdfunding au secours des patients en attente de greffe

J'ai essayé de développer mon business de génomique en France mais cela n'a pas marché. La loi française interdit au citoyen lambda (vous, moi) de faire séquencer son génome ... Voilà 8 ans que je tiens ce blog sur la transplantation, avec une moyenne de 400 lecteurs par jour. Forte de cette expérience, je songe à monter une agence de tourisme "biomédical". L'Agence du Tourisme Biomédical ... ATB ...Vous êtes un patient en attente de greffe ... Combien seriez-vous prêt(e) à investir pour recevoir un rein ? Le "crowdfunding" est à la base de mon "business plan". Chaque patient paie mille euros, et pour ce prix l'Agence les emmène se faire transplanter un rein en Inde par exemple ...
"Mille euros, c'est peu, mais s'il y en a mille comme moi ...", me disait ce matin un "patient" en attente de greffe rénale sur Facebook ... Il me demandait : "Vos tarifs seront-ils compétitifs avec le prix du voyage et l'absence de remboursement Sécu ? Cela étant, plein de Français vont maintenant faire soigner leurs dents en Hongrie ou en Thaïlande."
Je fais le pari que ce business plan basé sur le "crowdfunding" est tout à fait viable ... 
L'Agence de la biomédecine ne tardera pas à accuser l'ATB de participer à la vente d'organes ...
J'espère bien! J'ai une enviable collection de mails de patients français en attente de greffe rénale qui veulent aller se faire transplanter en Inde... et ils me demandent comment... comme la France me donne pas de boulot et que je suis au chômage... et que je ne sais plus quoi faire pour payer mon loyer (comme tant de Français) ... J'essaierais bien la prostitution, mais à mon âge ...

 Au fait, le boulot d'un artiste n'est-il pas de tendre un miroir à la société ?  
Pour info ce type d'agence existe déjà ... je connais des chirurgiens transplanteurs très au courant des tarifs ... il paraît que certains circuits sont organisés mieux qu'un "club med"... Votre nouveau rein aux petits oignons ...
Si la France m'interdit de faire séquencer mon génome (et donc de prévenir une éventuelle insuffisance rénale qui serait susceptible de se produire plus tard dans le cours de ma vie), elle devrait autoriser le tourisme de transplantation. Je croyais que la France était un pays cartésien ?   


Or will my own Genomusic be some kind of "Assasymphonie"?

Listening to the Genome: Music or Noise?

Robotic surgery: a (much) cheaper da Vinci TM

IBIS pneumatic keyhole surgery robot potentially 1/10 the cost of da Vinci TM!

This is a robot system for keyhole surgery, consisting of a master unit operated by the surgeon, and a slave unit that moves on the patient side. (read here).

Un groupe de chercheurs japonais vient de mettre au point un prototype de robot chirurgien baptisé IBIS qui va directement concurrencer le produit phare des robots de santé, le robot Da Vinci d’Intuitive Surgical. Les japonais ont annoncé que leur système coûterait entre trois et dix fois moins que celui des américains. Lire la suite.


The average medical consumer may place too much value on DNA information

Should the race to sequence everyone's genome be slowed? by Some good points, balance on

Intense interest--31 papers--for sensors that can "see" under the skin

Genomusical on Broadway

Getting my genomusical onto Broadway? I'd love that!! Maybe I have the genome of a star (or of a musical writer)... who knows?...

Currently writing...

... about genomics in music(als)...

Medicine "by the book"

Medicine "by the book"

"And I thought I was a Luddite", says a Doc wearing Google Glasses

"Doctors Vs. Technologists: A Medical Prize Fight"

"Technologists must accept that they can’t replace doctors with new technologies. Meanwhile, physicians must accept that computers and algorithms can improve their profession. Together, these powerful forces have the potential to take the health care system to the next level."

Great 1st tweet +1 RT "Doctors Vs. Technologists: A Medical Prize Fight"

"The notion that doctors can be replaced by technology has sparked a series of brawls between doctors and technologists over the last couple of years. Today, both sides continue to throw punches in the press and online.
As health care technologies become more sophisticated, the opportunity to automate medical decisions becomes more seductive. Yet, physicians are unwilling to throw in the towel. They point to the importance of human interaction and the dominance of the human brain over the most advanced computers."



Vader Retro Organas!

The Lukewarm Bottle of Milk And The Vader Retro Satanas Theory

The Lukewarm Bottle of Milk And The Vader Retro Satanas Theory
But wait... Isn't the cow the mother?...

And what is that milk-like bottle?

Er... a protesting milk bottle? Maybe the milk is Chinese and the cow Japanese?

Plenty of scandals in China where baby milk powder  is involved... 

This is a bottle of lukewarm milk I guess... 

So if the cow's the mother, then who's the father??...


 This is the birthday present I got from my brother... Thanks, bro!... Enjoy your stay in France...

Monster High The Ughsome Musical

[Audio files on this blog are Windows files ; if you have a Mac, you might want to use VLC ( to read them.]

In 3013, at Monster High School. Laurel and Hardy, Stan and Oliver in blood and flesh, teach Mad science and Skultimate Roller Maze.

Spectra Wondergeist just brought back an unexpected guest star: Audrey Hepburn. Yes, Audrey from New NY is back to (high)school and Spectra is saying as usual: "I've been waiting my entire death to cover a story like this!"

A monster scoop for her online blog Ghostly Gossip for sure... Will Audrey perform in Operetta's ultimate scary-sweet musical?

Meowlody wants the lead role in this musical and is ready to do whatever it takes to get it...

Now let's see who YOU might be... You are a Monster High Music Society member for sure. A veeeery dead-icated one... "Matilda" The Musical deals with Physical Education at school. The new musical will be all about physical deaducation ;-) This time Clawdeen Wolf will wear her latest hot platform heels. You adore monsters like...

... Draculaura who are in love with love, and Rochelle Goyle, the dead-fully protective. The truth is she's travelled beyond the stone she sits on (and the grave she lies within). Goyle's a fantastic song writer (her family has been protecting the Monster High Library like, forever).

Your best friend is Purrsephone, whose fave subject is mad science, especially the module on genetics.

You have three avatars to represent you - choose among the latest Monster High Fearbook and/or make up new student body profiles!

Of course you can be one of those avatars...You can (and must!) write, sing, dance, be a fashionista, look for your ancestors, and let us know everything about your dreams and genes!
From left to right: Purrsephone, Clawdeen Wolf and Meowlody
This morning, Purrsephone and Meowlody are rehearsing the musical. They've hardly gotten started, but there's already a bat flying in the ointment... Purrsephone's just had a big massive row with her "normie" boyfriend. She says that if she doesn't get to feel what eternal love is SOON, she's just gonna live. Meowlody has just found The scary-cool fiancé she hopes Purr will want to die for (remember she wants the female lead role in the musical). Igor is Abbey Bominable's brother. Actually, Abbey and Igor are twins. But I told you there was a bat flying in the ointment: Abbey and Purrsephone both claim they've just discovered each other's freaky flaw, at the moment both are avoiding contact and want to send each other back in her iCoffin. "OK, no fang-outs at the moment, then. We'll just sing..." says Meowlody who's all about work (and she can be such a clawsome singer).

Here's Meowlody singing for Purrsephone-and-Igor, while our already famous trio of friends Cleo de Nile, Frankie Stein and Draculaura are watching (and listening). Igor is watching too - watching Clawdeen, who has just made a grand entrance. She thinks the's the most creeperific singer of all times. "I thought you were into fashion, NOT into singing!", says Purrsephone when Clawdeen asks for a role in the musical. "Hey sista, don't put your paw down when I ask for your help!"

"Someone like you" (Adele): download audio file.

Meanwhile, Operetta is getting ready for the (not so much) secret party her ghoul friends are throwing for her sweet sixteen... She hasn't heard about the musical YET...

This is just one monstrous memory of the musical, out of many...

I'm afraid YOU'll have to keep a wicked record of all the comings and ghoulings at the best monster school in town... I'd say you'd better stay pretty much dead-on... 

Ready?... Go!
Last minute... 

My name's Rochelle Goyle, I'm living and studying in the city of Scaris, France. Plenty of Gargoyles here. I'm writing some songs for the upcoming musical. My Ghoulfriends say I'm shy and emotional and to tell you the truth I keep to myself a lot...
 Here's my fave song:

For Julie-Anna and her ghoulfriend Rochelle Goyle ;-)

==> "Bim Bam Boum" audio file.

Operetta says John Diedrich singing "The Phantom of the Opera", "Music of the Night", is to die for... "Well, this is the very reason why you died... This way the world gets to hear you and your eternal song...", says Cleo de Nile. "Look, that singer is quite old now..." She looks tired today... A tired Cleo never says nice things... "Yeah, looots of memories... Quarrel and conflict with that bloody history teacher again... You see... History - been there, seen that! I'm 5.842 years old... Oh my Ra! My internal monologue is mostly annoyed sighs". 

Seems like nothing can take Cleo's blues away today...  

Meowlody is rehearsing "Cats, Memory, The Musical" as a vocal warm-up exercise. She wants to comfort Cleo with that song today, but Cleo's mood lies burried deep deep away from Ra's shunshine...

"Cleo will eat a mummy wrap for lunch today, I guess..."  

Operetta and Rochelle are giggling and winking at each other: "Meet you at Kings Kross for one of our favorite fang-outs! But nobody shall cross a queen... As the captain of the Fearleading squad, as Head Fearleader, Cleo de Nile wants her team (and herself) to be part of that new musical. Some student body outta have informed her about this project, right from the beginning. "BUT THIS IS THE BEGINNING!", says Purrsephone. When she's being pushed over the edge, she looks a little bit like this Lazzarus statue...

Cleo's only answer: she storms out of the room, yet pauses, staying behind the door as she hears Meowlody singing "Meowmory"...

download audio file here

Then she scoffs... "I'll know better..."

In the afternoon, Cleo is back with Spectra Vondergeist, the journalist. Spectra is very much into what she calls "oldie but goodie": and with that she means her special role play book:  

"Vampire: The Masquerade".

"Any progress with the musical?", asks Cleo, pouring herself some tea and helping herself to the cookies she's just brought for the girls. Everybody's grateful for the bloody cookies (Cleo always bakes her own cookies at home, her secret recipe includes two drops and a half of salamander blood, 'cause she says it helps regenerate your neurones). Everybody's tired and hungry. "this isn't going anywhere really", sighs Dracu Laura. Basically each girl wants the lead female role for herself and wants to prove her own singing and acting and dancing (she turns to Clawdeen) is rising above the pack... What we need here is teamwork, instead of that each of us keeps competing against the others... 

Cleo chuckles a bit when she hears that. "Now look... Grab a cookie and come check this out... This book was brought for us by Spectra. She thinks this is just what we need..."

"A role play book?" Operetta sounds interested. "This is a brilliant idea. I used one when writing the musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. But of course, that was a long time ago..."
"Why an older version of this book?", asks Rochelle. "I can get you the vintage edition, for their 20th birthday. My parents told me it is available at the Ghoul High School..." "Yeah that'd be creeperific", says Cleo. Operetta points out that she needs to write the music to a new Monster Mashional anthem for the Fearleading Mashionals this year. Why not include it in the upcoming musical? "Clawsome", says Meowlody. She's very much into Operetta's music, as she often causes a mass freak out when people get to hear her new songs... 

"But we need a story, for this musical...", says Abbey Bominable. 

"I suggest we write about a mad scientist, who is going to win the No Bells Prize for mad science." 

"Wao, Abbey does have a soft spot for Jackson Jekyll", says Frankie Stein. 

"Two math freaks and geeks think alike ;-)", winks Ghoulia. 

"And we need to come up with something waterish too, for Lagoona Blue". Abbey gives a nod of appoval. 

"See, girls, you're getting organized, finally", says Cleo (she loves to sort people out).

"Operetta, can you sing a little something for us?", asks Abbey. "I want something that makes you shiver... It's definitely too hot in here... I need to cool off or I'm just gonna live..."

"Ever heard 'The Music Of The Night' being sung by a woman?" asks Operetta. 

"No, of course not. This is a Man Man Man's world, I mean, song..."

"Well, you tell me. Does this sound like a man?" asks Operetta. She starts singing "The Music Of The Night"...  

Download audio file here.

This is precisely the moment Audrey Hepburn makes her entrance. Everybody stares in amazement.

Audrey Hepburn, the killer star (hence a ghoul star too...) !!!!!! 

"Hi girls, sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for a journalist you might know: Spectra Vondergeist. I'm scheduled to meet her at 5:00 PM this afternoon..."

"Yes, Madam, I'm here!", says Spectra. "It's a pleasure to welcome you at Monster High School", says Spectra with a smile that's shining brighter than I ever could tell...

Spectra has been very much into genomic entertainment lately... Did you know that your genes can sound like music? You can interprete your genes and make them sound like music, or, even better, a song! When Clawdeen hears that Audrey is here because of a partnership project for their next musical - a genomusical that will hit Growlway!! - with Audrey and her favorite ughsome fashion designer Hubert de Genevenchy, she puts on a catwalk show to make flesh crawl and fur stand on end... The spotlights in the room may have replicated the effect of a full moon, once again...

"The first genomusical ever, hitting Growlway!! It will be OUR musical!" 

Spectra introduces Clawdeen to Audrey. "Clawdeen wants to set up her own Fashion Genome Empire... Howlywood, Scaris, Growlway, Los Ghouless, and she says that's just to start with! She wants to work with Asia and Africa... She says fashion is in our genes... Well, she's just shown you that..." (the girls start giggling...) "She says in the future, we'll be able to regenerate our clothes just like we regenerate our skin... and that a very good metabolism will be able to engineer a beautiful dress, splendid colors, great design - matching your personality! You'll see the dress on your skin and you'll just want to die for it... Next thing you know, you'll be dancing and singing!"

Spectra: "Our Clawdeen is a fierce fashionista..."

"Her theory is very interesting, I've been working on this myself for quite some time, now", says Hubert de Genevenchy. "I'm looking forward to be working with you, Clawdeen! We'll be cementing our elite mark in the fashion world. A musical is an excellent place to start. By the way, did you know how we say 'brand' in French?"
Rochelle Goyle answers: "Une griffe", literally meaning: "a claw". "That's correct!" Hubert smiles at Rochelle. "What a gorgeous gargoyle..."
"You're such a timeless beauty, Audrey!" says Rochelle - and she certainly knows about timeless, as she is 415 years old... 

Monster High Doll Little Dead Riding Wolf / Draculaura/ Rotwölfchen
Singing "I never met a wolf who didn't love to howl" (Bombshell/Smash The Musical) in karaoke style.

==> Download audio file here.

"Purrpurrella is my middle name", says Purrsephone... I'll claw my way out for all of us to go to Growlway! Purrpurrella is a creature from the future... I plan on spending a lot of time in the future. If I don't, I think I'll just live! Seriously, girls! I've been waiting my entire death to live in the future!!"

Robecca Steam says: "The more geeky and girly scientists would love to find out about their Style Genome here: I love steampunk style at the moment! Geeky ghouls are smoking hot!"
"Oh and these are my ughsome steampunk boots..."
Operetta and Abbey are working together on a song project: "Science is the only news."
Steward Brand: "Science is the only news."

"Science is the only news.

When you scan through a newspaper or magazine, all the human interest stuff is the same old he-said-she-said, the politics and economics the same sorry cyclic dramas, the fashions a pathetic illusion of newness,
and even the technology is predictable if you know the science.
Human nature doesn't change much; science does, and the change accrues, altering the world irreversibly.
We now live in a world in which the rate of change is the biggest change.
Science has thus become a big story."
"Bolts! This ain't no Mad Science, I swear!"   
"DIY Bio: Gene Transplant. After organ transplant comes... gene transplant", explains Frankie Stein.

Frankie's fab lab:
Genomic Entertainment Hitting Broadway!

Ever wondered how "The Music Of My Genes" might sound like?

"Well here's a hint. Watch this..."

Watch me

"Then... hear this!" You'll see that...

Gene Groove is in your DNA!

So Cleo de Nile, the Captain of the fearleading squad, could sing, after all! "See," she says, "history of sciences, been there, seen that! We were asked to donate our blood, then our organs in case we die. Now believe me, gene therapy is the next thing. We'll be able to transplant genes into cells, which means we'll be able to rewrite our DNA! Some diseases are just written in our DNA, our genes, and no matter what we do, we can't recover from them, we can't avoid them. But if we correct this DNA problem, then we can get a healthy DNA instead of the faulty one..."

"Then we'll be able to live for hundreds and hundreds of years, just like you've always wanted, Cleo!", says Frankie.

Frankie is 15 days old; Cleo is 5,842 years old... "This is the reason why we should get to sing 'The Music Of Our Genes' in our musical!" says Cleo. 

"Not a bad idea," says Clawdeen. "But who's heard about genes? And about the fact that we might be able to read our genes like we can read a book? The Book of Life... Hardly anybody, I guess..." "This is the reason why we are going to sing about our genes in our new musical. How can we make sure people know about their genes? What do you think?" asks Cleo. "Singing 'The Music Of My Genes' sure is a good place to start!", says Frankie. She'd been around for only 15 days, but don't forget her fave subject is history. "I wanna make history!", says Frankie. Audrey Hepburn couldn't help but smile. "Just follow your heart, girls! This is what I did with my movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', this is how I became a star..." Clawdeen smiles back: "I'm already a clawsome star..." "Yes, I think we've all noticed that," answers Audrey and everybody laughs.

Venus McFlytrap had her genes analysed and found out about some of her ancestors coming from China... Now she wants to learn a bit of Mandarin Chinese... Catherine, her Chinese language teacher, would like her to sing a beautiful and famous Chinese song: "The Moon Represents My Heart"

Catty Noir has a real temper. She wants to color her life. She wants to become a musical artist. "Catty is a very superstitious person, which is a fact she is aware of herself and readily admits. Much of this is expressed through ritualistic behavior. She always has a piece of a broken mirror with her on stage, always enters the stage left and after having walked under the stage ladder first, always leaves the stage right and then walks under the stage ladder there, and her pre-concert meal also is always the same: thirteen items, of which seven chicken nuggets, five apple slices, and one strawberry shake. is a black werecat with long, pink hair and pink eyes. In her own words, she loves 'big, flashy, larger than unlife outfits because they are ghoulishly glitzy, creeporifically cool and fangsolutely fun!'"

==> Catty singing "Colored Woman" (Memphis, The Musical): audio file.



"Some got chances, some got choices, Some got freedom in these states. Colored women got few chances, Got few choices on our plates. Mama told me there are limits For dark-skinned girls stuck in this light-skinned world. Once in a while I lose myself in dreams- A silly girl full of silly schemes. Now along comes a man whose skin is white and pale, A shiny fool full of shiny tales. He says he'll make the people hear me. He'll force this world to fin'ly see me. Is he a lie like ev'ry other man Or Lord could he somehow/ could he somehow/ Could he somehow help to free me? Mama told me not to dream big, But Mama lived her life running scared. I am stronger and I'll fight longer! I'll do what Mama never even dared! Colored woman with few chances, Has to do what she must do! I will make my colored dreams come true! For this is one colored woman who will color Her life her way!"