Scientific MOOCs follower. Author of Airpocalypse, a techno-medical thriller (Out Summer 2017)

Welcome to the digital era of biology (and to this modest blog I started in early 2005).

To cure many diseases, like cancer or cystic fibrosis, we will need to target genes (mutations, for ex.), not organs! I am convinced that the future of replacement medicine (organ transplant) is genomics (the science of the human genome). In 10 years we will be replacing (modifying) genes; not organs!

Anticipating the $100 genome era and the P4™ medicine revolution. P4 Medicine (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, & Participatory): Catalyzing a Revolution from Reactive to Proactive Medicine.

I am an early adopter of scientific MOOCs. I've earned myself four MIT digital diplomas: 7.00x, 7.28x1, 7.28.x2 and 7QBWx. Instructor of 7.00x: Eric Lander PhD.

Upcoming books: Airpocalypse, a medical thriller (action taking place in Beijing) 2017; Jesus CRISPR Superstar, a sci-fi -- French title: La Passion du CRISPR (2018).

I love Genomics. Would you rather donate your data, or... your vital organs? Imagine all the people sharing their data...

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The future of Personal Health Records

How can citizens bring new concepts to  #MedX see if the interest (& backers) is there?

"A completely new way of recording and saving your own Personal Health Record centred around you the patient and not how the medical healthcare industry wants you to see your information. It focuses on a visual human body that can be adjusted to suit men, women young and old, even if English is not your language. Information can be sent to you from your doctor, dentist, your hospital which 3DVC then converts to add to your medical record to give you a high level overview of you! Don't worry, all detailed information is held in the background for use by the medical profession and you decide what you want to share with them. Visual communication aides which can be used in any industry where complex tasks need to be completed by groups of workers where language barriers or noise can be a problem. It is also designed to take into consideration the next generation of computer gadgets, such as Google glasses and future development with the X-box Kinect."

My body, my data, right? Ever heard of the "Homo Possessus" fiction?

Do we own our own body (and genes and organs?) A book series about people and who owns them. The "Homo Possessus" fan page on FB is aimed at knowledge sharing for all and by all, so your contribution is welcome and wanted! Please, come take a look, and why not like and share!
Medicine and science are transforming mankind (homo sapiens). I'm writing a book series about people and who owns them, about cyberpunks, bio hackers, DIY Bio. Digital devices, sensors, big and small data, genomics, 3D printing, bioengineering, organ replacement technologies (and donation and trafficking): what do WE THE PEOPLE have to say about this?

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