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Welcome to the digital era of biology (and to this modest blog I started in early 2005).

To cure many diseases, like cancer or cystic fibrosis, we will need to target genes (mutations, for ex.), not organs! I am convinced that the future of replacement medicine (organ transplant) is genomics (the science of the human genome). In 10 years we will be replacing (modifying) genes; not organs!

Anticipating the $100 genome era and the P4™ medicine revolution. P4 Medicine (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, & Participatory): Catalyzing a Revolution from Reactive to Proactive Medicine.

I am an early adopter of scientific MOOCs. I've earned myself four MIT digital diplomas: 7.00x, 7.28x1, 7.28.x2 and 7QBWx. Instructor of 7.00x: Eric Lander PhD.

Upcoming books: Airpocalypse, a medical thriller (action taking place in Beijing) 2017; Jesus CRISPR Superstar, a sci-fi -- French title: La Passion du CRISPR (2018).

I love Genomics. Would you rather donate your data, or... your vital organs? Imagine all the people sharing their data...

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Major Drugmakers in Crisis. Invention, Innovation, Disruption.

Big Pharma's European branches of R&D (innovation) close down... one after the other... Downsizing is the mantra. Even for smaller companies, like BMS... Drugmakers are facing an unprecedented crisis... For the two last decades, they haven't come up with innovative drugs; plenty of "Blockbuster drugs"; though we can hardly talk about any breakthrough ... the old, once highly profitable drugs have already fallen into the public domain or will do so pretty soon (2014 for some drugs). Big Pharma is targeting "Oncology" drugs as the new goose that lays the golden eggs (huge profit margins!) but again some nurses using these very expensive drugs on patients with terminal cancer have reported some ethical issues... as some of those very expensive drugs used in oncology can be toxic for nurses: "Nurses Exposed to Toxic Cancer Drugs, Study Finds"

Sooner or later, the truth on Big Pharma (How Modern Medicine is Making People Sick) will out... Plus I'm not sure transplant patient will like the news: no more R&D on immunosuppressive drugs because Big Pharma is downsizing...


AstraZeneca to axe 1,600 jobs in overhaul of drug R&D: 


"The move will see the end of drug development at AstraZeneca's Alderley Park facility in northwest England, for many years a hub of the group's research and development (R&D) efforts, the drugmaker said on Monday." (read here)

Anyway, what's eating Big Pharma Innovators? 

That said, Big Pharma and Big Biotech – let’s call them Big PharmaTech for short – are nothing if not cunning. Big Biotech and Big Pharma: no place to hide?


Small is beautiful... 

Looking for innovative small-cap biotech companies?


... And this:


And then, I guess... some biohackers will disrupt the whole thing... 3D bioprinting will allow just anybody to print out body parts, human material (bones, skin, corneas, muscles, trachea, kidneys, hearts, etc.)

To be continued...


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